Wednesday, April 9

CCTT #1 Report: No explanation

On the way home I had a laundry list of "excuses" even though I was in a good mood: cold, rainy, windy, bad warm up, legs were flat, no rhythm, etc, etc. My time was 26:03.8 netting me only 24.2 mph and my 2nd slowest time ever. Heck the week after TransIowa last year I was faster! I mean conditions were tough tonight but come on...

Then I got home and read the results. 4th place and less than a minute off the class winner. Plus if I was riding like I should be (compared to a couple known riders), I would be less than 10 seconds off the winner. Weird. I don't believe it. Maybe this year will go okay at the time trials? I've got a couple weeks until my next data point since I'll be traveling to Arizona next week.

Big congrats to Marni for gutting out a tough race tonight with a mechanical plus Bill, Erik, Mike and Shawn also putting up great efforts for Ride Against the Machine! Time for recovery drink and then bed. Nope, still don't believe it.


Marni said...

Great ride Chris! I'm so super impressed that you got 4th. Should be a fun year!

Chad said...

Nice job. Looks like I might be fighting to draft you next week. Let me know if you need any more beta, be it river or where to toss down. Anything.

This is my home turf and I know it better than anyone (besides Scott).