Wednesday, April 16


I said I'd make another post before I left town. Little did I know that was cursing my chances of actually doing so. Between the normal prerace packing and checklist double checking, this morning I got a nice surprise while dropping wifey off at work. The headlights in the Element no longer worked (although the brights did). I was not pleased to say the least.

I hurried to work while Marni called the dealer and let them know I was going to try to make it in. My boss was quite helpful and I was able to escape work for a few hours even though I'm about to leave for several days and by 11am I made it back to work with working headlights. Now I just quicly finished my lunch which leaves me the rest of the afternoon to prepare work things for my coworker while I'm gone. My "other" boss is on a 2 week trip to Europe hence the added craziness. I think I just might make it.

I can't wait to ride my bike!

P.S. Marni will have SPOT GPS updates of my progress posted in a new blog here or on her blog starting Friday morning.


Geoff said...

good luck chris. we'll be "spot" checking you through the weekend.

Paul said...

Good luck Chris! I am sure you will be flying!

I just realized you will not be at TI this year! That is a bummer!

Good luck in AZ!

Chris said...


I won't be at TI. I debated doing both the AZT and TI but in the end I decided it wasn't wise with my summer plans. Sorry I won't get to hang out with you guys this year but race your hearts out and I'll be watching from home.

Cellarrat said...

have a blast!

Anonymous said...


Have a great ride and please be careful! I'll be thinking of you and monitoring your progress. Just do your best and have fun.

Taugimba said...

Good luck and have fun! I'll be monitoring progress from Fruita.