Tuesday, April 29

Git er done

Frontier Honda won (or lost?) the local dealer battle royal and we have a new Element tonight. Squeaked in under the wire to lock in 1.9% and the dealer incentives by using our own cash while State Farm dawdles with the check. I think wifey is very happy to have her car back. I'm happy I don't have to haggle any more and try to figure out how to haul bikes around. It's not all behind us yet but at least the biggest details seem to be taken care of so the stress level can drop a couple notches.

Thanks Erik for joining us for dinner!


Cellarrat said...


Please remind me never to try and ride though kansas ever again!!

bill said...

that hotelement is a whole bunch of nice, from your discription and what i can see here. i look fwd to seeing it at CCTT. it may not know it yet, but it is a lucky element many epic adventures to be enjoyed. congrats!

Anonymous said...

YaY! You guys have your wheels back! Safe driving and have fun in your new vehicle.