Wednesday, April 30


A little windy but nice and warm. We had a good group tonight and I think we are all looking forward to next week's BBQ by Scott and umm, no one missing their start. Marni and I got off clean tonight but Erik, Dan and Shawn had no such luck. Whoops!
Still it was a great night to race and well worth it.
Awe aren't we cute :)
The new blue Element was great. I drove it for the first time tonight and it was so wonderful to have a bike mobile again.
Numbers for those who follow: 24:44.4 for me netting 9th place. Not bad considering the wind, still hoping for 23:XX somehow this season.

Edit: So tonight ends a rather dismal April in terms of plans vs reality but I'm moving forward with May and I think things will be looking up.


Chad said...

Would a be a heathen if I said I like this Element better than the other one?

Marni said...

Great job on your race! I LOVE the new car and all of its little upgrades from '06. Thank you bargain hunter :)

JenyJo said...

YES, you two ARE CUTE ;-)

glad things are returning to 'normal'