Monday, April 28


$16,000 damage to the E plus an unspecified $2500 more(?) That should total it but I still don't have official word. I had to call them just to find out the number even though they obviously knew Friday. Thanks for calling me guys, thanks a lot.


Supposed to hear more today from the Total Loss unit. I have 3 days to close a deal on a new E before I lose the current financing special and incentives. Tick tock tick tock.

Our poor E :(


Meredith said...

This whole process seems to be taking WAY to long - ya'll need to ditch State Farm and go with Progressive. They've always had a check available to us within 3 days (including one total-loss experience), and Carol Ann said they got a check to her super quick after the Vision Quest accident.

I mean really - it only takes 2 days to get a mechanic to evaluate the car and they should have written you a check the next day!!!

Although you guys probably have your home insurance through them too, so I know it's probably more complicated than that :(

Chris said...

If I could at this point, I would. We do have our home with them.

I actually had progressive way back in the day and they were very fast with a claim. Sucks right now to be stuck...

Becky said...

I hope that you guys find out about the E soon. Sorry that they've been such dorks about everything. I'm still really glad that you're okay, and that the damage was mainly to the car and not you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah.....that's ridiculous. Carol Ann had her check on Tuesday and the accident was on Sunday!!

Anyways, really glad everything worked out for the good. Once you get a new E everything will hopefully be back to normal.