Tuesday, April 22

Clear my head

53 dirty miles to clear my head after work. Thanks Bill.
P.S. Gearing was 36x22 since I haven't had any time to swap since I got home. I averaged 14.5mph for a good part of the ride and 12.5mph for the full thing. Anyone got a cadence calculator handy?


Joel White said...

Ask and you shall receive. This is the best one that I've found.


Cellarrat said...

nice! Marshal mesa?

Dave Harris said...

Roughly 100 rpm @ 12.5 and 115 at 14.5, depending on tire size. 26er, yes?

Glad to see you're out and about.

Chris said...

Yes Marshall Mesa and Dowdy.

Yes 26er(x 2.25). Felt gooood to get out. Just what I needed.