Thursday, February 19

Get'n old

It's been a long time since I haven't had to work on my birthday (#27) so I decided to put it to good use. Mother Nature decided that today would be nice - sunny and not too rediculously windy - so I took the Vassago out for it's first 100 miler. I warmed up by riding to some nice singletrack over by Marshall Mesa with some sweet views of Eldo and the Flatirons and then decided to get serious. I headed into Boulder, popped up the bike paths to Canyon and climbed Magnolia all the way to the Peak to Peak highway. Above 8300 feet it was snowing and I froze for a while climbing to the top and then coming back down but my free birthday coffee from Peaberry in Boulder and some chocolates warmed me back up. I headed home back on the paths, a bit more Marshall Mesa, Coalton and then up the Wall. I rolled in after dark with 100 miles and 9000 feet of climbing according to Mr.GPS. Not a bad first hundy on the new bike. The 32x18 gearing was MUCH better and 25psi front, 32 psi rear felt pretty good with tubes. I'm not sure about the ESI grips still and I think I need to throw the 105mm stem on but overall it felt pretty good. The new shoes are also breaking in pretty good and after a few more tweaks I think they'll work well on the AZT for hiking. The laces annoy me but I think I'm going to get some speed laces for them.

Thanks everyone for all the nice emails and Facebook messages today, I really appreciate it. Now if you'll excuse me, Marni just got home with some wings, yum!


Marni said...

happy birthday old man!

Fonk said...

Bah! I just turned 35 a couple weeks ago - you're just a youngin' yet! :-)