Sunday, February 15


The last week has just not been good blogging material. A large part of my rides have been very specific and non picturesque indoor trainer sessions. Okay okay, self portraits aren't picturesque either. Luckily I broke open my stash of Initial D movies that Marni bought me a long time ago to help pass the time. Car racing, even cartoon style, makes for good motivation to suffer.

When I have been outside it's been a bit cold and windy making me more likely to focus on the trail and riding hard to keep warm enough. I did have a great outdoor singletrack session in some snow on the new bike and I'm really liking it. I know it's going to be even cushier once I go tubeless. Too bad I haven't had any really normal dry sessions to do real tire testing. Other than riding I've been spending time studying (one month to go...), preparing gearlists and strategies for this year's big events and helping Marni everywhere I can as she's busy with work and her grad class.

This weekend Turbo has a friend over to play with. As you can see they're good at wearing themselves out :) Too bad she doesn't know how to sleep in like our lazy pup!
And I might have gotten myself a little early birthday present on Friday...
I finally found a good set of tools for (super) cheap. I promise to take pictures of ice climbing session #1 as soon as I find someone to take me out. In the meantime it's making my core workouts a hell of a lot more fun.
Good luck to all the Old Pueblo riders, less than 4 hours to go! Gut it out and get the job done. There are some good races out there, at least from what I can tell by watching the online results. I feel a little twinge of disappointment about not being there but with Moab being 24 hr Nats this year I am starting to think about sacking up for another lap race. Let's see if SS class is rigid only or open to squishy forks? I suppose I might have to get a 29er Reba if it's not rigid only.

Alright that's all the rambling I've got. Time to go make another cup of tea.


Marni said...

And I thought garages were for parking cars...

Sandblogger said...

I about destroyed my old garage with ice tools during the off season. I need to get 'em out of the bag and take them out for a weekend.

HP laptop battery said...

I just have to say that them kodak moments I've been looking at brings back happy memories!
I sit back with excitement and tears looking at this priceless art! It's funny how a simple picture when seen can tell a whollllleeee story! haha well hey guys thanks so much for sharing, sometimes people need an enlightment of visual beauty to uplift the soul, and this sure did do the job!