Tuesday, February 24

Leadville Winter MTB #3

Last Saturday morning saw me up early, driving once again to beautiful Leadville for Winter Race #3. After a nice birthday party on Friday night, much of the same crew packed their snow bikes and headed up for a little fun racing.
Thanks for my new hat mom :) It was sunny and warm enough when we rolled up to the Mt.Massive golf course to check in. This race was a relay and we all managed to find teammates. Erik and Brett were the SS class entrants, Marni and Michelle were the all girl power team and Shawn M emailed me to and I gladly accepted Mr.Speedy onto my team. They started the race at 30 second intervals which made it harder and more fun because you didn't know where they other people were in relation to your position. All out TT effort!
Lap one we got to race around the golf course with Elbert and Massive towering above us. After Marni and my hike on those this past summer, it's always really fun to see them. Plus we could see Sherman too which we hiked with Jessie and Mom.
Brett heading out for lap one.
Michelle on lap one.
Shawn about to blaze lap one in just under 10 minutes.
Marni and I waiting for our turn. We both decided to go 2nd since we would have better setups than our partners for choppy snow conditions.
Erik headed out on his big road lap.
Me finishing up the big road lap.
Post race beers from Dale's, just one of the awesome benefits of doing these races. Shawn and I managed to win the race, big thanks to Shawn's 2 fast laps and no thanks to me crashing on both laps, whooops. Luckily no major injuries, just a bump on the knee and a hole in a jersey. Two other teams were right behind us though with Sterling and Chad only a minute and a half down. I was really feeling my training in my legs and luckily the next race will hit me at a bit fresher spot in my cycle.
Erik and Michelle with Mt.Elbert in the background.
Marni finishing up her road lap. She did so good on both laps!
Post race kiss :)
This guy rode a Muni for his laps, super duper impressive!
The gang.
After the race we stopped into Melanzana and the Ugly Cookie company before heading home. Yum!
The next race is March 8th and it should be a good one. That course took me about 45 minutes last year and this year they're starting at 9am to try to beat the warm up and snow softening on the course. Can't wait!

Some more awesome pictures from Michelle here too.

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