Monday, February 2


My last couple training blocks have been a bit non standard as I get back into the training routine and today's interval session finished off my legs from the last two weeks of hard riding. The rest of this week is going to be pretty light so I'm hoping to do some hiking and climbing in Boulder as the weather warms up into the 60's. The new 29er is gradually feeling more like "my" bike and a few positional tweaks on the ride yesterday helped quite a bit. I've got to change the gearing though, 32x20 is way too low. Hopefully in one more week I'll be ready to take it out on a long ride and see how it does. It always takes me a little while to be able to trust a new bike not to leave me stranded but I've got plenty of time to break this one in before the AZT.

This weekend is another nice little fitness test with Leadville winter race #2 on tap and I'm finally starting to feel stronger again. We'll see if I can hold the throttle open for the whole race this time.

Tonight Marni and I are going climbing at the gym but first a bit more studying. Boring post I know but I'll bring the camera hiking I promise. Trying to keep in the blogging habit lest I fall off the face of the earth again.

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Matt said...

32x20 is a good all around summer gearing...but yeah I'm running 19 in back this time of year.

I run 34 and 32 up front and anywhere from and 18 to a 22 in back depending on the terrain. I put together a chart in gear-inches and found the missing "sweet spot" to be around 45 gear inches. I'm either eunning high 44s or low to mid 46s. I'm eventually going to have to get a 33 cog to cover that gap.

Geek it up like the engineer that you with this stuff and record what you ride with - it helps. Over time I've settled into easier gearing so it's nice to be reminded what I ran in years past for races and the like.