Thursday, February 5

Wind Tower

Since Erik is newly and at least temporarily a bum like me (go layoffs!?), yesterday afternoon we headed over to do a little climbing at Eldo. Erik hasn't climbed in years but used to climb far more than I ever have. I rode the Monocog over to meet him and save a little time and when we got there we decided Wind Tower looked nice and sunny. Everyone and their mother was on Calypso so we skipped pitch one to get around them and climbed pitch one of The Bomb instead. I led up The Bomb to the belay bolts and brought Erik up. Easy climbing but it was fun and a bit of a diversion from the slab I've been climbing. It felt sooo nice climbing warm rock and belaying in the sun. Erik decided to lead so I swapped gear and sent him up the sharp end for pitch two of Calypso. Erik ran out the rope almost to the end and after a little communication issue, I followed and cleaned the pitch. The first few moves off the belay were by far the best but it was a fun pitch. At the belay I quickly led up to the top and then we coiled up the rope and figured out how to scramble and downclimb off and back to the trail to the base.

One of these days I need to go back and lead pitch one of Calypso, it looked fun and interesting and then scoot over to do pitch two as Reggae.

On the way out we saw S&R head up into the canyon. Luckily it sounds like the rescue went well and it was just an injuried hiker who is going to be okay. On a side note, how come jackasses always have to post stupid comments on the news websites, like the first comment on this one. Sigh.

Now I'm here waiting for the plumber camera guy to come over and see how our main line looks. Parrrrrrrrrrty!


babyahlgrim said...

Reggae is the best of windtower in those grades. It's a fun lead and always full of free gear if you can get it out.

Paul said...

I don't know if that loose block from years ago is still just after the traverse on pitch one, but if it is there tread lightly.

I am so jealous!

Chris said...

Paul I'm pretty sure that loose flake is gone from what is posted on MP. I didn't notice anything.

Come on out and let's go climb!

Thanks Joe, looking forward to Reggae. Feel free to recommend more routes at 5.10 and under anywhere in Eldo.