Thursday, February 26

Just one of those days

Once and a while you are treated to an amazing day and yesterday was one of those. I have no pictures, just the ones that live inside my mind. I was up early with wifey and packed my BD flash for a trip up to the flatirons, some water, some snacks and other odds and ends. I rode up to Boulder, warm, almost windless and sunny. By 10:15 I was hiking up the trails and by 11 I was well up the 1st Flatiron. On the way up I found a bunch of cool old stuff like an SMC buttonhead, a scary ghetto old 1/4" bolt and homemade hanger and even a stuck yellow TCU that I almost got out except I didn't have a nut tool with me. As I made my way along the North Arete I found some more small booty and cleaned up a bunch of tattered old webbing pieces. I chatted with another couple climbers for a while and then paused to let them go ahead and chat with another really nice couple from Vermont as they were finishing up their pitch on Fandango. After a quick few ups and downs to the summit proper I sat down and had my lunch looking out over the city and the IPW and being amazed to not even have a jacket on. A quick rap with the couple from VT brought me back down to earth and then the guy and I headed over to do The Spy real quick while his wife went to go grab them some food. The were on vacation and headed up to Winter Park after a wonderful sunny day of climbing! After we climbed the Spy we headed down and went our separate ways. I took the long way home from Boulder and didn't stop riding until the sun was almost setting.

The only bummer of the day was that Marni is getting sick so I grabbed some groceries from the store and made her some soup and we watched a movie and went to bed early. Poor sweetie, I hope she feels better soon.


Dave said...

You dog.


Stefan said...

Sounds like a terrific day man! I must've just missed you yesterday. I topped out on the first slightly after 1, and there was no one around. It was another shirtless February ascent for me. Crazy!