Wednesday, August 24

A little more house info

So I said we were buying a house. Well it's true I guess. Marni got a job, our lease is up in October and we crunched some numbers. It said we could buy a house if we could find one that wasn't rediculously expensive. We talked to the banker/lender guy. He said we have good credit and here is your loan. Holy crap.

So we went out looking. 60 houses later we found a place. Called to make an offer. It was gone. Found another place a couple weeks later. Made an offer, not accepted due to another offer. Looked again. Found a place, made an offer. It was acccpted!

So here is 10530 Holland St, our new home if everything goes right between now and September 27th. Turbo already made friends with the neighbor dog. I hope that's a good sign.

There are some more pictures here if you would like to see them.

Inspection is tonight so I'll have more inside pictures later today.

Friday, August 19

Sister is gone!

Well my sister is gone. She's off to Florence, Italy for 6 months to study fashion design.

Her blog is here so I guess I should start posting again.

Here's the 30 second update:
-Race car is broken waiting for the following to happen before we fix it. Damn did the shocks and springs make it faster.
-We're buying a house
-Marni got a job
-We're buying a house
-I raced the Leadville Trail 100 Mountain bike race
-I'm working out again and getting skinnier. only 164lbs this morning, down a bout 16 from post honeymoon weight :)
-we had our 1 year anniversary and it was lots of fun

More to come I supposes...TGIF!!!