Thursday, November 29

To the pain

I'm sitting here, well I'm lying down in bed here, where I've been since ~3pm yesterday. I do not like getting migraines. I will not be going to work today however Marni managed to get me through the "kill myself from the pain" phase into the "just hurts if I move at all" phase so that's an improvement. I did have a really great ride yesterday at lunch until I started to get the aura in my left eye and I knew I would be doomed in a couple hours. Last time I got one was 8 months ago when Marni was out of town. I'm going to label this in the blog just so I can track them better. This was one of the worst ones I've had. With another day of sleeping I should be perfectly fine tomorrow so that's good at least. Too bad I don't have any known triggers like my mom (food)...

Tuesday, November 27


Marni's got the full story here...

Thursday, November 22

Happy Thanksgiving!

"Hi Joann we're off...I tried you at the office and they said you're stage managing or something..."

Sorry my iPod has been shuffling through Rent lately. Happy Thanksgiving to all my family and friends. I hope you all stuff yourselves full of delicious food and spend time with your loved ones and enjoy the time away from the grind.

Marni and I are stuffed ourselves last night with a new creation of Marni's volition, DaveC style. I made the salad in a bag, oh yea. It was all amazing though, more-so the chicken, fresh mozzarella and garlic pizza with an alfredo sauce than the salad but nevertheless I've become a fan of vegetables in the past couple years. Growing up you would have never known though.
Now we're headed to her parents house for the traditional Turkey Day fixings with the rest of the Colorado family. After that we're leaving the land of snow on the ground and headed to the desert for our own adventure. I think we're very excited with some definite nerves mixed in to boot. I don't think I've ever been more happy to sherpa an extra day's water in my life though.
Enjoy the holiday, catch you all when we're back home.

Wednesday, November 21


Looks like I'm in. Not registered SS right now but that's just because I had to pick something. I haven't made up my mind on the steed of choice yet. Another year of playing in the gravel!

Wednesday, November 14

Just a touch

Amazing what a few purposeful workouts on fresh legs will do for my mood. Sleeping through the night is great too. Still no real goal yet but that doesn't mean I can't have some fun and get faster in the meantime. Marni suggested some exploration this weekend so we'll see what the weather is like and I might head up into the hills for a night.

I do need one thing bloggerland. I want to ride a 29er. Gasp! What?!? I mean really ride one on some terrain I'm very familiar with. Anyone out there got one I could play with for a little while? SS or geared hardtail prefered. No funky handlebars either. I ride large frames, prefer longish top tubes. I'll compensate however you like, beer, cash, sexual favors, whatever...

Tuesday, November 13

Out of Focus

Not a whole lot to say right now. I just finished up a free form month after the 24 HoM that saw me touching only my MTB and usually my SS if I rode at all. Marni said it was a lot of binge and purge riding which is probably true since I did fit a White Rim and Fruita trip into that month. I'm feeling very fresh again and wanting to ride although the lack of a major goal for 2008 is a bit of a demotivator. I'd love to just make a major goal for next year (GDR?) but right now I don't feel like I can do that. Last night I started back into a new routine though and I think that will be good for me. Steady riding and training keeps me much more balanced. Maybe blogging too. I should get on that. :)

Sunday, November 4


Wifey's first airtime. Photo credit to Scott.

Haven't even downloaded my own pictures yet but we had a kickass weekend.

Friday, November 2


Marni and I are running off to the desert this weekend to join Scott and Melissa for some Fruita riding. Not much to say. A million things are going though my brain lately about next year and life in general. There needs to be a change and I'm afraid it may come somewhat at the expense of bike racing (for a little while) but for the benefit of everyone who knows me. Being in a perpetual bad mood is not a good thing and even riding can do only so much to correct it.

Have a great weekend out there!

P.S. Check out this if you've got loved ones who worry when you're away. I'm thinking very much about ditching the useless cell phone and carrying one of these next year.