Friday, December 9

Nothing to say?

I feel like I have a lot to say but it's just not coming out. I haven't had a chance to get my pictures together, maybe soon. My ankle is still swollen from my crash at Mathew Winters 2 weeks ago. It's getting better slowly but I'm going riding with the ESW boys tomorrow anyway. The snow is melting off at least so this will be my first road ride in about 2 weeks. I never miss it until I get back out for a ride and remember how much faster it is than the mountain bike. I'll probably be back on the mountain bike on Sunday though since this is technically still a rest week until Monday. Come Monday though begins 3 hard build weeks and around 500 miles. Most of that however will be on the road.

What else? Marni's voice is returning so hopefully it will be back to normal by Monday. Jessica is stuck in NYC but will finally be back from Italy tomorrow.

Thursday, December 8

90 days

A lot can happen in 90 days and a lot has. I intended to update this more frequently but it didn't happen. Maybe I'll do better going forward. Maybe I won't. I'd certainly make a bigger effort if someone else would. You know who you are. I still wish I knew what was going on in your life more.

Since I last wrote I've ridden my bike(s) about 1000 miles. That's been going awesome since I got my 2005 Trek Fuel 80 at VeloSwap for only $800 brand new . I've also discovered single speed mountain biking and am hoping to get my first single speed frame for Christmas. I've ridden to work every day except maybe 1 when I had to drive to Boulder for a meeting. I even rode my bike to Boulder (20 miles each way) for another meeting. Yesterday and today the temperatures are in the single digits with lots of snow on the ground but I still rode. Today I added ski goggles to my list of gear so that my eyelashes don't freeze again like yesterday morning.

We've also moved into and redecorated our new house. We closed at the end of September and started living there a couple weeks later. We've redecorated and remodeled the master bedroom, upstairs bathroom, second upstairs bedroom, the living room and bits and pieces of the rest of the house. It's a lot of fun to fix up the house and it really makes it feel more like our home. Marni loves having a space for her car in the garage and I love being able to work on my cars and bikes with *almost* all the space I need. I'm still angling for a 3rd garage space with a lift and to redo the concrete but we'll see how much the quotes come in at for that. We also closed our lease of the apartment and even got a few dollars back so no more dealing with that! Plus we don't have to move anywhere anytime soon. We are all thrilled about that. My mom also got to come visit and stay with us for the first time. Hopefully her comfy room and surrogate golden retriever will make her want to come back.

Where do we go from here? Well I'm going to continue biking and ramp up the miles for a bunch of fun planned rides and races this summer, including Leadville 2006 "The Revenge". We'll be working on the house more. There is another room full of wood paneling and pink paint that has to go. Plus Turbo has redecorated the yard by rolling all the landscaping rocks to the middle with his nose. Biking again has got me working on even more design projects than before. And who knows, maybe in 2006 I'll finish getting out of my Visa debt and get the Galant to Bandimere. I'll post a bunch of random pictures later to catch those few people who read this up on what I've talked about here. That's all for now except...

Welcome back to the US of A Sister!