Wednesday, March 26

White Rim 7:59

Quick update as I start working through the vacation pictures thus far. Vacation started after work Friday with a hurried trip to the rim before moving on to Zion. Pedalling just before 6am, SS (2:1 gearing) and counterclockwise with Shafer then the paved road last. Happy with the time for sure considering the wind and had a lot of fun racing back to find Marni waiting with sandwiches. Yum!

Friday, March 21

On the road

Moab, Zion and then Santa Barbara before we may have internet access. Spring break 2008, woohoo!

Thursday, March 20


I've been intending to post a nice big update but seeing as we leave for vacation tomorrow night, time is running short and I don't see that improving until we're on the road. I'm still alive, enjoying a short rest as training so far has matched the month, roaring like a lion. I'm feeling light, fit and really pumped to ride every time I hop on the bike. The singlespeed finally has fresh rubber as well, replacing 2 very, even comically, old tires.

In other news I have a really big and GOOD announcement coming once I have time to put a proper blog together. For now I better get back to work as I've got lots to do so I can be gone on our kickass vacation for 9 days. Hell eff'n yea.

More to come.

Sunday, March 16

Save the drama for your llama

Dan, Ed, Jeny and Steve met me up at Devil's Backbone for some great riding on Saturday. I couldn't believe Ed and I had never been here before! I rolled in right as Dan pulled up.
Next came the Evergreen crew.
Jeny was having issues with her buckle ;)
Blue skies and awesome dirt. It was great.
Lots and lots of smiles.
Yep still more.
Climbing, descending, rocks, fast curves. Blue Sky had it all and was in great shape.
Ed rocking up a switchback.
Followed by JenyJo.
Making it look easy.
Cool dropouts.
Hmmm oh yea, I do have a map. This was the beginning of our exploration of Horsetooth Mtn Park which was also awesome. We started up a bad ass steep climb.
Fun trail markers. We ripped down via a few trails and then a fireroad. More exploration here is needed.
Then we found the chase llama.
He didn't particually want to leave the trail.
Finally we let him go up ahead a bit and he wandered off the trail and we booked it by him. Anyone missing a llama?
More crappy scenery. I wish I was on my trainer...yea right.
Said my goodbyes and booked it home. Very solid day on the bike and I felt great all day.

Friday, March 14

MTBR Marshall Mesa Ride

Fun ride last night capping off a good day of riding, mostly on dirt for once. Not much typing, just look at the pictures as I need to get some more tests done so I can go home on time tonight.

Thanks Dad!

Look what UPS brought me yesterday when I got home from work. Thanks Dad!

Wednesday, March 12

Return of the SS

Tomorrow I'm back on the SS after 3 days of long ride climbfests and one day of active recovery. Want to ride after work tomorrow with some other people near Westminster? Join us at Marshall Mesa, info here. I'm pretty excited to get on some dirt with a fresh Racing Ralph in back. My old one was waaaaaaaay past dead.

Pictures tomorrow! Now more reading time before bed.

The big question I'm still pondering while watching weather reports...big weekend in Moab or stay here in town?

Monday, March 10

Badass, So Close!

Huge congrats to Simone Moro, Shaheen Baig and Qudrat Ali for this winter's efforts on Broad Peak. No 8000'er in Pakistan has been climbed during calendar winter but these guys survived some hellish days and made a heck of a summit push to get very close and still live to climb another day.From, "They were the last men standing but yesterday also the final attempt on a winter Himalaya 8000er ascent this season turned unsuccessful.

Reportedly, only 247 meters remained to the top of Broad Peak when the mountaineers had to obey their cutoff time of 2 pm. Simone reports the upper climb was slow due to unexpected crevasses and climbing from camp 3 without rope.

Check out the full story and past reports here.

Peak to Peak

Yesterday I got out to scout a climb I've been wanting to do for a while, the complete Golden Gate Canyon. I had ridden the first half last year but had never been able to ride all the way up to Peak to Peak highway. The forecast wasn't promising so Marni and I slept late and I made her some breakfast while I waited for temperatures to warm up a bit and make sure any rain/snow wasn't going to ambush me at high elevations. By 1pm I'd read the best of the issue 23 of Alpinist and the sun was out so I geared up and hit the road.
I hit every climb that was remotely on the way on the approach and was surprised how good I felt considering the time trial the day before. On one short testpiece climb I ride often I was only 14 seconds off my PR and I wasn't pushing anywhere near PR effort level. By the time I hit the turn to the base of the climb I had my sleeves pushed up and my jersey unzipped and I attacked up the road. Mile markers were clicking by fast and I refused to look at the time/distance screen on my GPS until I got to the top. A couple short descents later I was headed up the last section with snow on the ground all around me. I even got snowed on lightly a few times but there were patches of blue sky in between the darker clouds so I kept heading up.
Not far after the "short dirt road" I reached my goal, the Peak to Peak highway. I stopped and had a snack and continued west up the road. The highway rolls from here all the way up to Estes Park. I really wanted to ride all the way there but I had a feeling daylight and Mother Nature had different ideas. Nevertheless I decided to see how far I could make it since there were plenty of shortcuts and bailouts back down to lower elevation.
I rolled along between 8500ft and 9400ft, slowly dropping down towards Rollinsville.
The views didn't suck, that was for sure. The mountains were mostly in patchy sunshine and the big peaks looked awesome. When I can't be climbing the big mountains, it's sure nice to spend the day riding and looking at them.
Before long cold hands, clouds and a rapidly dropping temperature forced me to put my jacket on. Not long after that the hood went up and by the time I reached Coal Creek Canyon between Rollinsville and Nederland I knew it was time to head down. The descent was freezing and I was pretty happy for the 800ft climb in the middle of it to warm back up. Before long I was rolling back down across highway 93, thawing out my hands as I rode back home.

My new food choice today, along with my liquid calories, was Fig Newtons. Yummy and Marni doesn't like them so she won't steal them :) Energy levels were rock solid today, no peaks or valleys. Another cookie to add to the long ride arsenal.

Sunday, March 9

Just what I was looking for?

What does that say?Oh yea, I was looking for one of those.More about today, tomorrow. I have to download the pretty charts and crap at work and bed is calling instead.

Saturday, March 8

Time Trial Tired

Marni and I went up to almost Wyoming for the first ACA race of the year, the Frostbite Time Trial. Neither one of us had been on our time trial rigs or aerobars since probably last May but it was a good excuse to brush off the dust and start preparing for the Cherry Creek Time Trial series. No pictures of me because skinsuits don't have pockets but I ran back to the car after I finished and snapped a few of Marni. Here she comes!
Finished! Under her goal time too, congrats.
That was hard.
Now I need a nap :)
My race went well although I don't know where I stand or exactly how fast I went. My warmup was perfect and with the crosstailwind on the way out I cruised at 30-34mph all the way to the turn around. The way back was a challenge into the wind but I rode strong and finished some unknown amount under 30 minutes. Now we just have to wait for the results to post to see how we did...

Morning Edit: Results are up. Looks like I took 3rd place in the Cat 4 Men with a 29:30 and Marni took 6th in the Cat 4 Women with 41:02. Yay us!

Thursday, March 6

Take what I can get

After a few days of seriousness that necessitated the trainer due to below freezing temperatures, extreme wind and precipitation, today is a day to have fun and ride the SS. So what if the high today is only marginally above freezing, at least it's not snowing or blowing at 45mph. And while I'm still jonesing for some real dirt, the Big Dry Creek path and some of the offshoot hills around Standley Lake are as good as I can

Still this week has been progressing nicely and it looks like a warm up is coming in time for the weekend. Marni and I are going to do some time trialing on Saturday and I'll be getting out for a long ride somewhere on Sunday. Plus our spring break vacation plans are now well underway and so far it looks like Moab, Zion, Vegas, Santa Barbara and maybe a bit more. I am super excited!

Now if you'll excuse me, it's birthday cake day at work. Yum!

Tuesday, March 4


After preordering and waiting and then Marni having to make several trips to the twilight zone, I mean DMV, we finally have our new plates. "Just Spiffy Wheels" is now a "Really Rad Vehicle" !

Monday, March 3

Mineral Belt Mayhem!

Saturday was a beautiful day and a great time to hold the 3rd Leadville winter mountain biking series race, the Mineral Belt Mayhem! Marni was very happy not to be sick this race and she and I headed up along with Dave Nice for some sun and snow action.
I checked out the beginning of the course a few minutes before the start and made some tires pressure adjustments accordingly on the Pugs. It was well groomed but still soft in a few places and I made sure the front was aired down so I could descend faster.
Dave was rocking his 29er fixie as usual, this time sporting a monster hangover.
Marni and I were happy to be racing together finally.
The race itself went well. I didn't stuff myself too full of pancakes and bacon so the inital jump off the line wasn't too painful. I immediately got a gap which was fine by me since I was racing Mark again who beat me in race #1 and I expected a challenge from him. I steadily pulled away until I could no longer see anyone behind me and enjoyed the views in front of me on the rest of the course. I only had a couple dabs with the Pugs and overall the groomed snow was plenty fast. I even used my big ring at times which I almost never do on the snowbike. Before long I was climbing the last long gradual hill and the finish line came into sight. I crossed the line, chatted briefly with the people watching, dug out my camera, checked the GPS and began to reverse the course to take pictures and mostly find Marni to make sure she was doing okay in her first snow race. Race time 51:20 for 11 miles and just under 1400 ft of climbing.
Mark finishing just a few minutes after me.
Nice Leadville scenery.
Another racer coming up the hill.
Then Sterling I think.
Followed by Jim(?) sprinting after him
Up to the finish they all go.
Keep on truckin...
Another SSer...
Isn't riding on snow grand :)
Another racer,
and another.
There goes TomP on his single up the trail.
Here is the huge divot I made when I accidently stepped off the trail.
Another racer.
Lots of old cabins and stuff along the trail.
Headed home for another racer.
Ah the Pugs loves the snow and sun
Fat boy tires rollin along.
Here comes a fixed gear I think.
Yep it's Dave!
Then I found Marni. She was doing great!
Racing to the finish.
Catching up to Dave ahead.
Go aero bunny :)
Dave feeling the hangover quite a bit at this point.
Here comes our lead woman!
Yay for a sucessful first snow bike race.
Here comes Dave
Dave tired :)
There's is me standing around getting sunburned.
The crew posing for a picture with Dave's snowcone.
Huge thanks to Sterling and anyone else who was involved putting on the series. It has been awesome and so much fun.
Yay prizes too! Melanzana, Stranahan's, Smartwool, score! The Golden Burro and High Mountain Pies for good eats too, can't beat it. What an awesome series. If you aren't coming up to race, you're definitely missing out.
Course profile and elevation chart for those who care.