Friday, June 13

Temporary Closure

Good afternoon everyone!

The past week has been crazy but I'm about to head out on my big adventure in a couple days. Some of you probably know where I am, others perhaps not. Either way Marni and I will be blogging all about it and it's time to roll that site out to the public. For the next month or so, this blog will be on hiatus but you can follow along with my journey here:

Chris Plesko's Great Divide Ride 2008.

Thanks for all the love and support from everyone. I appreciate it more than I can ever let you know.

Viva la Mexico!

Monday, June 9

Kokopelli Touring

I don't have a lot to add beyond it being one of the best and most fun rides of my life. Playing the guide was challenging at times but overall it was really a great group and we all did amazing out there. Marni's wonderful story and comments are here (day 1), here (day 2), here (day 3) and here (the aftershocks).

Here are a few of my favorite pictures:

Into the mist

Almost ready...

Sunday, June 8

Just a little thanks

to Walt at Waltworks. He fit me in quickly to ream the seat tube on my Monocog. Why that needed to be done is another story but he's the man for helping me get it done ASAP.

Friday, June 6

STL Wedding

Marni and I disappeared to St.Louis for a few days. The trip wasn't nearly long enough but hopefully we'll get to take another one in July. Here we are driving up to Illinois with my mom and sister.
"You are wearing something that says Suck to a wedding?"
A shot of the beautiful and elusive Jessica. Hmm she acts much like Meredith in that regard...
A picture of the bride and groom. Congrats Kaitlin and Mitch! You guys looked great up there.
Obligatory adorable little flower girl.
Some of the boys. I really need the pictures off everyone else's cameras as I don't have very many from here and we took lots of family group shots :(
My dad with my aunt and his cousin. Very nice to see you again, it's been a long time.
What can I say, funny t-shirts must run in the family. Right Grandpa?
Attack of the fauxPet.
It was so much fun talking to everyone at the wedding and brunch. I guess it's Sam's turn to get married so that we can do that again soon!

Wednesday, June 4


What is GDR ice?

Hint: Marni and I are watching it right now.

In other news I'm busy packing and preparing. The battlecog is almost ready! Some pictures soon.