Tuesday, September 8

Still here

I'm still here, somewhere out there. Not many pictures, but great focus. Usually the camera has stayed home, selfishly enjoying the scenery with just my own eyes, or sometimes sharing with a friend or two. I'm in the picture below, a small dot in the lower right in the sea of Winky Woo.There are still treasures to behold, worth leaving a warm bed in the middle of the night and hauling a borrowed pack and a few snacks to great heights.
Taking suncup street and the runnel express. Rule number one, don't fall.
Bikes are more forgiving. Falls can be brushed off. But laser like focus is still free for the taking, weaving down narrow singletrack descents. Bike mojo slowly returns from the great Divide brain drain.
So don't worry, I'm somewhere out there. And eventually I'll come back here too.