Sunday, February 26

The light gets brighter

As my semester ramped up (and my blogging vanished) I was given a chance to get my final long stint of student teaching done early due to some unforeseen issues for another resident in my program. What that meant was a full throttle month of teaching and graduate school throughout February with less than a week to prepare by the time my "plan" was approved by the powers that be. Nevertheless I jumped on the opportunity to tackle the "known" ahead of time rather than wait and deal with an unknown load of spring classes.

The last month has not been easy. Burning the candle at both ends with limited exercise (just enough to stay sane) is trying on a person and a family. Marni has been fantastic as always, supporting a stressed out and tired spouse. I'm grateful JJ is so young. He won't remember that I had to lock myself downstairs to work instead of play with him. With the month almost over and very successful, everyone is looking forward to respite. My winter evaluation at school was very good. For the first time in a long time we have a family vacation planned to Moab for spring break and our sweet lodging should be finalized this week. With "only" grad school to look forward to for the next month and a half, I feel like a big weight is lifted off my shoulders and another chapter of these crazy 13 months is finished.

There is more to go. The paper writing will not be finished until June 30th and June itself promises to be a whirlwind month of hard work with both of us teaching summer school, a final mini-semester of classes, plus two endorsement tests. The battle for the job I want is just beginning though so far prospects look promising for me. But Marni and I have Friday off to spend with JJ and the light at the end of the tunnel seems a whole lot brighter.

And damn I can't wait to climb, ride, and run outside a whole lot more in March and April!