Tuesday, April 18

Beautiful Tuesday

Today was beautiful here in Colorado. They predicted a rain and snow storm but all we got was a 20 degree drop in temperatures and some more wind. I took advantage of the nice weather and took a late lunch break to ride with Dave Nice. He came up from his place in Denver and we cruised around Colorado Hills, me on the Monocog and him on his 29er fixie. I think in some ways we're opposites (see bike clothing and saddle choices) but also have a lot of things in common. I had a great time talking with him during the ride. It was over all too soon and I had to go back to work.

Dave left me with a great bottle of whiskey from the distillery where he works, Stranahan's. I'm excited to have a glass tonight after dinner and try it out. Much different from my college days, I really enjoy a drink now and then of something with a story behind it. Marni and I mostly drink wine now because of that and I really appreciate the work that goes into both real wine and a handcrafted small batch whiskey like Stranahan's.

While riding we talked about a lot of things, among them riding to Buena Vista, Colorado to do the Buena Vista Century on May 20th. Scott and some other friends of mine are going to ride it and I invited Dave to come along and ride up to Buena Vista with me the day before. Marni is even going to do the ride and is deciding between the 40 and 50 mile options! Thanks for the great ride today, let's do it again!

Tonight I'm going to relax and continue to enjoy my rest week. Tomorrow night I'll be racing at Cherry Creek and then again on Sunday for the Boulder Beer Road Race. It's basically right out my front door and includes some good hill climbing so it should be fun and good training. Next week I'll be training with Feedback Sports cycling team and deciding if I want to join their team before the Deer Trail Road Race on April 29th. I have a few friends who ride for Feedback on both the road and mountain bike teams so it may end up being a really good fit.

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