Monday, April 24

Time passes quickly

Today's freezing rain gave me a little time to catch up on my blog. I rode a bit after work on the singlespeed and had a muddy good time on the roads around the lake. It was great fun and worth the clean up, making me forget that the snow and rain canceled tonight's planned group ride with the Feedback boys. More importantly Leadville is now 109 days away and it's time to start planning around it. I'm going to do a 3 week taper for Leadville this year since I've definitely got the base for it. Maybe a month and a half more of this road racing and TT stuff and then into mountain bikes full on. The rough schedule looks like this:
4/24 - Dear Trail RR Sat/MTB Ride Sunday
5/1 - Pillar to Post Saturday/Rabbit Mtn TT/TTT Sunday
5/8 - REST/Out of town
5/15 - Buena Vista Super Weekend (Ride to BV Friday, Ride BV Century Saturday)
5/22 - Mountain Bike Super Weekend
5/29 - Important rest week!
6/5 - Lots of road riding, State TT on Saturday
6/12 - Rest week/WP Doubleheader on the weekend
6/19 - Big Mountain Week (E100 12hr Solo or Leadville Recon)
6/26 - Lots of road miles
7/3 - Firecracker 50 Single Speed Tuesday/Winter Park #3 Saturday
7/10 - Very important rest week
7/17 - EPIC Week/WP #4 (Probably ride to WP on Friday)
7/24, 7/31, 8/7 - Taper to Leadville

It's a lot of volume and a good amount of intensity. The big rest weeks in there are going to be crucial. Will I break 9 hours at Leadville? Will I even finish? Only time will tell. All I know is that I'm enjoying the journey.


Marni said...

You are crazy, but we all love you. You'll do great at Leadville. I look forward to seeing you on time this year :)

Cellarrat said...

Seems as if your planing that really well for LV100. I don't think you should have any problems for the 100. Are you using gear or ss for LV?

Chris said...

I'm taking the geared bike. I want to go back and do the course over like I did last year. I thought about taking the single speed but decided a month or so ago that I wouldn't. Someday in the future I think I will return to LV on the SS but this year I want to do my best and see how fast I can go so that means taking the gearie.