Tuesday, April 4


I couldn't think of anything witty today so this post remains untitled. Last night Marni and I went on a nice 2 hour mountain bike ride down the Big Dry Creek trail. Did I mention I love daylight savings time? Her riding is getting better and better and I almost have her convinced to do the first Winter Park series race. That race is the hill climb so she's not too worried about rocky or technical descending. Anyhow our ride was great. Perfect pace, sunny skys and we got to ride and talk without it being a weekend or racing imposing darkness.

Part of the reason for the Winter Park race discussion was their announcment this week that the opening hill climb has been postponed due to all the snow on the mountain. The hill climb has now been combined on the same weekend as the first cross country race, June 17 and June 18th. Now some people might be worried about the double header but I'm thinking it plays perfectly to my training and strengths. I should be able to recover well between the races, I just need to be fast enough to place well both days and start the series off in a good overall position.

Part of being fast is putting in some hard training. I've done great on building a base for it and now it's time to hurt. Last week I had 5 repeats up the Wall, tonight there are 6 on the schedule. Also next Wednesday starts Cherry Creek time trials. Seven Wednesdays of all out effort over a 10.5 mile course should really bring on my speed. Today I'm still a bit sore from the crash and the efforts of the weekend but reading Kerkove's and Adam's blogs on their repeats have got be motivated to get out there and kick some butt. Thanks guys!


Cellarrat said...

That winterpark hill climb is a great first mt. bike race. No one with any real tude or agroness. Go for it Marni!

Marni said...

Who knew you'd ever be able to convince me to do such a thing? haha, just kidding :)