Thursday, April 27

CCTT#3 Report

Who is that huge dork in the picture? That'd be me after last night's race. A smiling face though in comparison to the head down sufferfest of last week. I still felt like I was going to be sick at the end but that passed pretty quickly with reflection on a good ride. I dropped further down the leadboard a bit but not by as big a margin. Last night was good enough for 10th place in the Cat 4's, 25.26 mph or 24:56. Not as fast as my first time still but pretty good considering the wind I had on course. The first race was definitely warm and calm while last night was cold enough for knee and arm warmers plus a pretty decent head wind and cross wind for what seemed like all of the course. I did catch a little tailwind in the final 2.5 miles and it felt great to spin it up to 31-33mph and just hold it there.

In other news, I apparently bruised my right hamstring in yesterday's (stupid) mountain bike crash during lunch. Nothing like missing the handlebar on a little jump you've done 100 times and ending up on your butt to make you feel stupid. No real damage to bike or rider done other than the bruise. Today is going to be a busy day at work with a contractor coming in to plumb some air and water lines for a new piece of equipment in the lab. It's my project and I hope it goes well otherwise I'll be stuck staying late to watch over them tonight. If all goes well I plan to ride at lunch and after work. It's time for some more training and then the Deer Trail road race on Saturday. The field is already full at 90 people so it's going to be interesting. Also the batteries on the digital camera are finally charged again for those oh so fun while riding shots!


Todd Plesko said...

You are certainly consistent. You might need to find a way to time the different parts of the tt to figure out how to speed up.

Did you have a lot of headwind? What were the relative times of the 9 in front of you? Were they faater or slower than last week?

Good job overall.

Marni said...

Doing good!