Thursday, April 6

Today was a good day

Today I managed to get a lot of good things accomplished despite work being really busy. I snuck in a good road bike ride at lunch and my legs are feeling okay after the hills yesterday. I also got some prototype housings finished for my LED project. The single and double housings came out small and sweet! I'm still working on a design for a triple that I'm pleased with but more on that later. I avoided getting stuck with the late shift at work so Marni and I took Turbo to the dogpark for a mountain bike ride instead. Here's Marni looking cute on the way there.
Turbo is so excited. This is one of his favorite things to do! He can barely sit still once you say the magic words, "dog park?".
The ride was wonderful, despite a WNW wind of 30mph. Marni pushed up the climb into the headwind and I followed her. Turbo of course ran up ahead checking every prarie dog hole along the way. Not intending to ride too long we made our way to the lake, marveling at the fire damage. The fire that cut my Sunday ride short burned all the way along the ridge just to our north, into the dogpark open space. Crazy! Upon reaching Mower Reservior we stopped to give Turbo some water and headed back. With a tailwind we were cooking and Marni flew down the downhill today faster than I've ever seen her go before. Turbo's paws and my singlespeed gearing couldn't keep up but in no time we arrived back at the bridge to catch up to her. Marni and I cruised slowly back to the parking lot, giving Turbo some more time to play with the other happy dogs. Once back at the car, we packed up the bikes while Turbo laid down and watched. At least that's one way to wear him out and make him happy all at once.
Back at home I changed and headed over to my friend Jim's house. I dropped off a 120mm stem for him to try out and picked up a couple seatposts to try for the time trial bike. After talking about bike stuff and the LED project far too long, I headed home to a waiting dinner. After dinner I talked to my dad for a bit and then finished getting the time trial machine road worthy. The spare wheelset is mounted, the pedals are switched, the gearing is tweeked and the forward seatpost is mounted up slightly shorter than my orange bike to account for the longer cranks. Tomorrow I'll pickup another bike computer and my new set of tires and try to get comfortable on it over the weekend. I think I've waited a bit too late with races starting Wednesday but there's not much I can do about it now. I'll just have to hope that past experience will let me adapt pretty quickly. At least the engine is ready and that's the hard part.
For those of you following the LED project here's a couple pictures for you. These are just prototype housings I've drawn up and made out of plastic for now. They're not much bigger than a nickle in diameter and currectly about 2.5" long. Once my LEDs and drivers arrive I'll start assembling everything and try to get some comparison pictures up. The single LED housings are so small and the doubles are not much bigger!

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Marni said...

That wife of yours is one cool, good lookin' lady :) Nice light setup, you're talented :)