Monday, April 17

Rest Week Monday

Today I'm back at work following my eventful weekend, first the Boulder Larimer road race Saturday (post below) and then more practice on the Cherry Creek course yesterday. Marni, Scott and I all rode from Scott's house and did 3 race pace sessions on course. Marni did her longest ride ever at 23 miles and one of her fastest ones too. Even better she didn't want to kill me and wants to do it again!Scott picked the start, the middle on both sides of the turnaround and the finish for our race pace sessions. I substituted the hill to the turnaround for the 2nd session because apparently I hate myself. I'm sorry but entering that hill at 30mph, climbing the first half at 21 mph and doing everything in your power to get over the top and accelerate from 13mph *back* to 30mph is just hateful. It better at least make me stronger this Wednesday. On the plus side I felt fine in my new slightly lower position. I'm currently at 15cm saddle to aerobar pad drop. Now I need to stretch it out a bit futher and see if I can get up to Boulder to buy a Louis Garneau Rocket helmet. I'll look like a huge dork but if I can buy 15 seconds for under $200 I'm sure as hell going to do it.
Today my legs are pretty shot so I'm glad the rest week is starting. My lunch ride today was easy and mostly involved going to the post office to send out our taxes. Work is incredibly busy so hopefully I can get a bit caught up this week with my reduced riding volume.

The coming weeks are going to involve a lot more racing and high intensity training. I'm hoping to throw a couple more epic distance rides in there as well to maintain my long distance fitness. The first Winter Park race is now 2 months away and I'm really motivated to be in race shape. Leadville is also fast approching and I'm looking forward to some on course training in June or July.


Marni said...

Cool helmet. I've always wanted to see one of those on someone standing straight up. Hehehe...

Cellarrat said...

mabe make your own...

Use cardboard and an old helmet and make your own areo shape =p

That thing looks hot.

Anonymous said...

Watch out that your head does not start to conform to that weird-looking helmet! ;-)

Good luck with your race on Wednesday night. Be careful and have fun.

Let me know how you do.