Saturday, April 8

The time is near

Today was a bit less training than most Saturdays but I still spent a good amount of time on bike stuff. Last night I made a run to the bike shop to get some new tires to complete the time trial bike. Of course I walked out with tires, a new wireless computer, tiny seatbag, aero booties and a pair of the old style lobster winter gloves on clearance that I'd been looking for forever. I installed the tires and got the computer mounted on my aerobars after a quick run back to the shop to swap the wireless receiver for one that worked.

This morning Marni and I went to get some breakfast and run some errands after we got up. When we got home I tried on my skinsuit and took the time trial bike out for about 45 minutes exactly as I will ride it on Wednesday night. All went well after a few saddle angle tweeks and I felt pretty good cruising at 30mph, aero wheels and all. I sure hope it's above 60 degrees on Wednesday night. After my bike ride we had game night with some of our friends which was a lot of fun. Turbo was happy to see us when we got home. Marni edited the pictures for this post since me riding in front of our house isn't too exciting. While she edited I shaved my legs for the first time this year. There's a hundred reasons why cyclists do it so I won't rewrite them here but for me it definitely helps me prepare to start racing in addition to the other real or perceived benefits.

Tomorrow Scott and I are going to ride the time trial course one more time while Marni works at Sylvan. The better I can visualize the course the more relaxed I will be Wednesday night. It will also give me a chance to test transport the bike and run through my pre-race warm up routine including swapping wheels. Since I have only about an hour on this bike so far this year I'm sure additional time in the aero position will help as well. That's all for tonight. 3 days until race season officially starts!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your first race. You are ready and you will do awesome. I am proud of you. You are a dedicated athlete! BE CAREFUL and go get 'em.

Marni said...

Ditto all of the above :) That and those pictures are cool. :)

Todd Plesko said...

Boy that yellow cannondale looks nice with the hed deeps. Hope there isn't too much wind on Wednesday and the pavement is dry. Be careful.

Just got in from an 1.5 hours trying to keep up a high pace on my Raleigh riding in an aero position. Didn't have much time because I had to work five hours and then do a hour of yard work.

It would certainly be better if I had someone to ride with. I better start looking around for a group. Unlike you Chris, I can't seem do any significant mileage without someone to talk to along the way.


Chris said...

I think I just talk to myself on the looooong solo stuff. I'm sure passing cars think I'm crazy but whatever works. All the miles I've put in hopefully will be worth it on Wednesday.

New report from today coming soon...