Monday, April 10


Today has been trying hard to suck but I've been doing my best not to let it. I woke up this morning, got out of bed and immediately felt dizzy. I took a shower. I felt dizzy. I ate breakfast. Dizzy. All day long I battled out with my brain to not feel like I was spinning. My bike ride at lunch was the best I felt all day. I'm still feeling it now but it's getting better.

After I got off work I came home and Marni's been taking care of me. She's been great and we've spent most of the night just resting in the dark. Tomorrow when I wake up I really hope that I'm not feeling like this. Two nights from now at this time I'll be done with the first race of the year. I just need to finish my warm up and prerace eating plan and preview my warm up plan after work tomorrow. Hopefully more exciting news tomorrow.

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Cellarrat said...

Mabe a rest day and eat a whole jar of peanut butter and a whole loaf of bread and put your self into a peanutbutter coma =)