Friday, June 16

Double Header in Double You Pee

The Element is loaded up, 3 bikes, 3 people and no racks. We're headed up to Michelle's grandmother's place in Winter Park for the weekend. Today Marni graciously drove an hour each way to pick up the less important half of my new wheelset (front spokes didn't arrive) and 3 new tires. I also ordered an 18t Surly cog for next weekend's 12 hour. I'm coming to race in Park City with at least a 52" gear at my disposal in addition to my standard 20t and 22t cogs.

This weekend we'll be up in Winter Park kicking off my XC season with tomorrow's 5.3 mile hill climb and Sunday's 22 mile expert XC race. Marni will also be racing for the first time tomorrow and she's going to do awesome! Her bike and the Fuel are washed, lubed and ready to go. I most likely won't be able to post until I'm back Sunday night so I'll post a full report then.

I leave you with 2 things. Number one, RAAM and Tinker are amazing.

Number two, a funny quote from EnduroSnob: Johnny said, "Well, with the way you ride..." and then went on to, in essence, describe how I beat the shit out of bikes like there is no tomorrow and ride with the grace of a pitbull.


Joel White said...

Good luck to all. I gotta think the back to back format sets up nicely for you with all the big hours you've put in.

Anonymous said...

I hope you two have returned safely and had lots of fun. How did the racers do? I am looking forward to reading your next posting. Chris, I just read about your ambitious plans for 2007. WOW! I will see you both in July.