Friday, June 9

Pictoral Update (more snake!)

Wednesday I went biking with some friends: Scott, Erik, Nicolete and Adam. We went to White Ranch and had a lot of fun. I got there early and did a quick climb up Belcher to the top and then down Mustang and Round Up. Descending I got flat number one of the day in the rear. Kenda Klimax lites need at least 50psi in them for White Ranch. After I got back to the parking lot we all go ready and headed up Belcher again.
At the top of the first part of Belcher we regrouped and hung out at the bench.
Erik showed us his mad trials skills while we waited.
We climbed up round up loop and started up the upper Belcher singletrack but Scott, Adam and Nicolete had enough climbing so they descended to Sawmill and were going to meet us at the intersection of Sawmill and Mustang. Erik and I continued to the top of Belcher and descended down Mustang.
We all regrouped there and were joined by Mr.Deer. There's a lot of wildlife at White Ranch and Erik almost hit 3 other deer descending Belcher later! I saw another rattlesnake too but it was just a baby. I also flatted again halfway down Belcher on the front this time which was still at 40psi. Too low for tubes and such skinny tires.
We finished Mustang and Belcher and had a great time BSing in the parking lot as darkness set in. Yesterday Marni and I took Turbo to the dog park to go swimming. He had a wonderful time swimming and fetching the tennis ball and sticks from the middle of the pond. Silly wet dog!

After swimming we took him on a bike ride on the rest of the trails to wear him out further. He looked in every prarie dog hole as usual until he got a big scare in one hole!
I don't think this rattlesnake wanted to be bothered! Turbo was good though and ran over to us and stayed away from him. Marni and Turbo didn't like the snake too much.
We had a fun rest of the ride with no more snakes and then we loaded up the Element and headed back home for Turbo to get a bath in the front yard.
What a spoiled dog!


Marni said...

My dog and hubby are sooooo cute!! Eww, gross snake. That was scary...

Cellarrat said...

Man I need to meet your dog and spoil him some more... =)