Sunday, June 11

Relaxing weekend

This was a really nice weekend leading up to this week's taper. I'm really feeling awesome coming down from the huge volume in the beginning of the year and all the speed workouts have been great. I can ride as long as I want and everytime I go to the tank for some speed it's there in spades. The Winter Park double header this coming weekend should be a lot of fun (Marni racing her first race at the hillclimb!) and I'm really excited about racing the singlespeed at the E100 12 hour and Firecracker 50 the following 2 weeks!
Saturday and Sunday Marni and I got to ride together, both on and off road, and I got even more comfortable on the new lighter Fuel. She's doing great on both bikes and really happy with her sweet new Sidi's we got on clearance Saturday. If she keeps riding 4 days a week the other girl racers better watch out! Lightening details on the Fuel coming as soon as the last couple pieces are here this week. Gears feel fast and snappy and climb so easy even with a 12-27 cassette. Who needs a 34?
This week I'll be keeping the workouts short and fast in the heat to continue my already great acclimation. I can use the extra time to continue my obsession with researching my ultralight backcountry racing gear...right babe? :) That and pursuading my sister to keep sewing me prototype equipment.

Hope everyone else out there had a great weekend of training or racing. It's been almost a month without racing for me but I think the break worked out just how I was hoping it would. I'm hungry to race and train over the next two months leading up to Leadville. Those close to me know just how strong I might be after my surprise riding partner last week, holy crap!

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Marni said...

Yay for relaxing weekend! That should happen more often... it was nice getting to know you again :)