Tuesday, June 13

Where am I going?

Thank you to Scott Morris for the amazing pictures of some of the Grand Loop Course!

This year has been an eye opener for me. I've enjoyed finding my bike again and riding long undisturbed miles. My body and mind have been transformed from a triathlete several years ago to a a casual rider who got his ass handed to him at Leadville to an aspiring long distance racer. Reading things like this only further solidify my goals and resolve to prepare myself for some incredible adventures in 2007. At first thought it may seem foolish to ignore the present and plan for goals over a year away but it's more foolhardy to not give them the respect they deserve. I will still be doing some more traditional events because I do enjoy them but events like these will be my focus. In the Mike Curiak style I will be doing an individual unsupported time trial on these rides.

White Rim Trail
Kokopelli Trail
Grand Loop
Colorado Trail

So there you have it. Public declaration of my intentions. Those who would like to join are more than welcome as long as they intend to follow the unsupported style. It sounds like the Colorado Trail trip has some interest and the new rough timeline is later in July. Stephan graciously informed me that he's had one trip modified on the CT because of huge snowfields when starting too early.


Marni said...

You plan for starting long races in 2007 and I'll plan for starting babies... haha :)

Todd Plesko said...

Oh no....

Realistically Marni..no chance for babies cause Chris is always riding these long distance rides. It doesn't work that way.


Cellarrat said...

CT i am there! love to try and kick that one up a few...

Babies.... hummmmmm

Mari you rock however I am glad I don't have to plan ride ariound that =p

See you at noon chris.