Wednesday, June 14

Wednesday Social Part Deux

Tonight we had a big group mountain bike ride at Bear Creek, following last week's ride with Scott, Erik, Nicolette and Adam at White Ranch. Tonight we had even more people. Marni came with me along with ScottyD, Erik, Craig, Nicolette, Adam, Mike and Scott#2 and it was a blast! Sometimes among all the epic planning and hard training it's easy forget that we do this for fun. I haven't had this much fun on a ride in a while and the time and miles just flew by. Despite the busy afternoon trail traffic and the still broiling heat we all rode, laughed, talked, goofed off and had a great time. Not even a broken chain and ensuing game of "push the guy who can't pedal" (cough)ScottyD(cough) or a smashed pedal or a few small crashes could spoil the fun.
Craig looking nonchalent about being a bike stud on his huge seatposted bike.
Adam and Nicolette returning and smiling despite the torture of Belcher last week.
Marni and Erik cruising along towards the climb.
Marni bashing through the water crossing!
Craig flying through the water. Who knew I could time a picture right?

Next week we'll be continuing the new tradition and plan to keep things social and fun. We'll be at the Red Rocks parking lot around 5:30-6:00pm Wednesday. Feel free to come say Hi and join us! Just bring your bike, helmet and a friendly relaxed attitude!


Cellarrat said...

Looks fun I love it there...


Marni said...

Thanks for letting me come along on your weekly ride! It was a lot of fun!

Scott DL said...

When we say Red Rocks we don't mean Dakota Ridge do we? Because if we do I forgot I have to be out of the country... or something... :)

Chris said...

No Dakota or Marni might kill me again and Adam and Nicolette will kill you :) Just Red Rocks around the top and back the bottom probably. I guess that's Mathew Winters officially?