Thursday, June 1

Big and Black

Last night Marni and I got the new camper/bike hauler and it's pretty sweet. Can we take it to Park City? Please hun? :)

Biking yesterday sucked due to working late. Biking today will be limited to a trainer session tonight as I'm still at work for a couple more hours. Tomorrow however I'm done regular time and will attempt to do some repeats on Lookout Mountain or ride some decent singletrack. Saturday is unplanned but looking like some big climbing action in the Boulder area with Ramin. Just this quick update for now, back to work. More Element pictures on Marni's blog


Adam Lisonbee said...

I want to get rid of my 1997 Civic and get an Element. I used to hate the way they looked, but the solid colors are nice.

Marni said...

There needs to be more kissing up than just a public plea for Park City... the Element was a good step, keep trying, you might be persuading me :)

Joel White said...

Nice ride. Can't go wrong with any Honda IMO.

Cellarrat said...

Nice Wheels! sould be a good bike hauler. Can chris go to park city pretty please?