Thursday, February 8

Arrowhead 135

Well I am riveted to every post Doug and Simmons make about the race. I've read all about Mike C's adventures but at this point I'm much more interested in what guys more my experience level think. I also read the Arrowhead race blog constantly during the race checking on those guys and all the other racers. This year's race was bitterly cold at the start but I think if I ever have designs on going to Alaska for more than a 100 mile race then I need to figure out how to make me and my gear function below negative 20 degree temperatures. Anyway thanks a bunch for your pictures and stories guys. I am really impressed and enjoying them a lot. Keep them coming. I've already got a gear list and potential Pugsley modifications in mind.On clerical note, tomorrow morning Marni and I leave for Becky and Ryan's wedding at 4am. Therefore this may be the last post until we get back on Sunday. Have a great weekend everyone!


Budget Biker said...

start training now, pack smart ride smarter, smile for the photo ops. read all the posts. have fun next year and be safe, and bring dave nice along.

Cellarrat said...


I don't think i'm up for this snow bike stuff more I don't think i'm up for -20 or worse for more then a few hours when I have to ride to work ect.....

like reading about the adventures though =)