Tuesday, February 6


Well the new parts for the Fuel arrived tonight and I got to work putting it together. I didn't get finished though because Jim came over and Marni, Jim and I put in an hour on the trainers chatting and having a good time. I also got in a great, super easy ride at lunch enjoying the mid 60 degree weather. I didn't even mind the rivers of melting snow flowing everywhere since it felt so warm out. I'll hopefully get the Fuel all fixed up tomorrow and I'll get a test ride in on it before we leave for Becky and Ryan's wedding on Friday morning.
I know a lot of you who read this are probably not weight weenies and that's okay. However if you can afford a Thomson Masterpiece seatpost in your desired size and length, you owe it to yourself to get one. They are works of art, have all the reliability and 93% of the strength of the Elite and weigh a lot less. My 31.6x350 Masterpiece weighs in at an actual 190 grams. Wow that's lighter than the 26.8 Easton carbon seatpost on the Monocog and cheaper than the new Easton posts too. Plus no worries about crappy, hard to adjust clamps or breaking carbon and you get your choice of black or silver, straight or setback. All around sweet Thomson goodness that's also light.
Last little note, Megan aka chainsaw panda rides a bike reminded me that Daylight Savings Time (DST) will start three weeks earlier (March 11) and end one week later (November 4) than in 2006. Mmmmmm, yes I am very excited about that fact. I'm pretty sure DST is like a holiday for me. I'm up too late tonight, got to get some sleep.


Dave said...

For me a normal Thomson was enough of a luxury, but I wouldn't go without it. Bike's are such simple, elegant critters, its a crime to accessorize in a less than uniform and ideal way.

Dave said...

And we don't do DST down here, either. For me it bespeaks anthropocentrism.

Chris said...

Man Dave even I had to look up that word. Usually I can hang with your vocab but you got me there.

Dave said...

Victory is mine ;)