Wednesday, February 7


It was reasonable warm here again today and I got out for another easy ride. My mph at the same PE seems to be rapidly on it's way up which is what I want to see. If the legs are ready to feel snappy tomorrow I'll take the new and improved Fuel on a trip around the lake. I bet it will feel fast after riding around on the super knobbies.
I'm pretty psyched about how the new parts for the Fuel turned out. Still as good as before only now weighing in the 25lbs range without running the cheater tires (Klimax lites). Plus it shifts so nice with the new cables and housing that's not filled with red sand. I also installed a headset that wasn't rusty and swapped the XT rear derailleur pullies that were shot with a set of good LX pullies I had in the parts bin. Both ends needed new brake pads as I'd warn though to the backing plates at Moab. Even adding a bunch of sealant to the tires for all the Arizona cactii went smoothly and without any mess. I finally corrected the seatpost height and setback, aired up the suspension and promptly rode it around the kitchen table. Well it was dark out and I wasn't ready to go puddle bashing with it until the morning.
Dave Nice brought me over a little present today too from Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop. The white SLR is intended for the 70's Trek Fixie cross project but it looks so nice I'm tempted to throw it on the Fuel for Old Pueblo. Well that's all for now. My gearing (40x16) for TIv3 is also here but I haven't got a chance to convert the Monocog yet. That may remain a project for after OP. To bed I go!

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Cellarrat said...

It was a nice break to ride up to your place and back and not be filling out labels for awhile...