Sunday, February 11


We're back from the wedding. Michigan was cold but it was a great time and the new married couple looked very happy. Friday morning I did sneak out for a quick spin on the Fuel before we left.
Yes I do look a little crazy at 2am but I enjoyed the ride. After a few minor changes the Fuel is all ready to go for Old Pueblo.
The moon was out and I had the roads all to myself. It was almost a shame I had to be home to leave for the airport at 4am.
With no cars around I had fun testing out another light and taking pictures.
Standard bike against a signpost shot here.
They're predicting chances of snow and fog early ths week here in Colorado so I'm pretty sure there will be a lot more of this. I took this shot last week but it's not like you can see much.
And yes I don't wear bike shorts with SLR's all the time. Just jeans on the ride to work most days.

Marni even found the Element tucked into the garage for the first time in a while tonight when we got home. I'm sure she'll be really excited about that for the rest of the winter snow storms. Thanks Scott :)

In a bit of a disappointing note, we didn't get into Leadville this year. August will undoubted be punctuated by some other great riding but after taking part the last two years I have to admit it's a bit of a letdown. Oh well there will be other years to survive the LT100 lottery!

Back to the grind until the end of the week. I'll keep updating the blog in preparation for Old Pueblo but now I need my rest. Goodnight moon...


Cellarrat said...

Maybe a colorado gonzo ride scouting trip in aug????

Sorry you didn't get in... Found out they well have over 1000 starters this year.... And over 4000 aps this year....


marni said...

Goodnight spoon...