Monday, February 5


Wow, okay got to make this quick. I only have about 5 minutes until I need to get to work. Got this machine all put together with a big weekend of riding. It was not to be in Moab but everything sort of fell into place here anyway.
A friend in Boulder emailed me looking for a partner on Saturday and thought I'd be the only person out riding. Guess he was right :) I took off for Boulder very early and got some solid climbing in again in below freezing and rediculous, highway closing weather.
Still there were beautiful views to be had and I was the only one around.
Dirt peaking though?
Before I met up with Ramin, I climbed Flagstaff mountain. It was going to be a nice day to be out riding even if it wasn't my prefered location.
After Ramin and I met up, I refilled my water bottles and got straight to work.
We climbed up Lee Hill road and Ramin set a great pace while I just worked on following.
It was a little windy up here too.
Took some pictures at the top and got ready to head back down for some more climbing.
Next we came back into Boulder and headed out and up Sunshine canyon. The makeshift hardtail was working good enough and we climbed and climbed until the drifted snow made it impossible to go any further without a snowbike.
Ramin says "I think we need to go that way now. You know where the snow is less than 6" deep?" :)
After descending Sunshine we parted ways but not before he let me refill my bottles and gave me a bagel. I also got to see their really cute 5 month old little boy. Ramin already got him a sweet Radio Flyer bike. After I left I headed back to Boulder the long way, climbed a bunch more including the Hump and the Wall, got to talk to a state trooper after some asshat gave me the finger, TURNED around and threw his drink out the window at me and then almost caused an accident trying to get away. It was a muddy, windy but not terribly cold ride as it warmed up in the afternoon. 73 miles, 8000+ vertical feet and under 7 hours.
Plus the CAD Duck says "Free Sager".
Okay got to get to work! I'm going to be late...


Dave Byers said...

Way to put in another big ride!

What is the deal with all of the auto encounters you have down there in CO? Are the majority of drivers anti-cyclist? Holy crap!

Dave Harris said...

So that's a 5 minutes post? :)

Glad you got out to cover some territory even if it was plan B.

Chris said...

Okay I was a few minutes late for work DH :) It was a good ride but I want to hear how the Moab adventure I missed was.

I don't know what's up with the asshole drivers lately. It's been mostly from people traveling the *opposite* direction on the road as me too. WTF? The state trooper said it's stress from all the snow and crappy roads but I don't really think that's cause for physically throwing crap out the window of a car at me...

Dave said...

Gears? Ahhhh!!!

Sounds like some work! Good stuff.

ryan young said...

Sorry that we still live in a world where people need to mature a bit.

Judy said...

Don't let the A_______ get you down. They're just jealous of such a cool dude on a bike in the winter. (And they thought they were tough!) Hope you're doing okay. Have we abandoned our scrabble matches? I am home today getting AudiJ maintained and I have some kind of coolant leak. Talk to you soon.

Marni said...

I second Ryan's comment. People are dumb-tarded. You need a sticker on your back that says "my wife can take you" haha. People shouldn't be mean to my hubby, that infuriates me.

Cellarrat said...

had a driver and 2 of his red neck buddies hop out of there car and confront me Cuase I was on there road Sunday night.... Glad there was a police officer near by....

I dont know but it seems lots more honks and cus words the past few weeks for me as well...