Monday, February 5

Sunny and warm?

My taper is starting today. The work is done and Old Pueblo is now two weeks away. "The hay is in the barn and now it's time to close the door" as Ramin wrote me today. I'll be spending the extra time I would normally be riding preparing the bikes, gear, food and race plan while cutting back and giving the legs a break.Denver is finally catching a break (three days late but I digress) for more than a day at a time and I'm not complaining. The weather was in the mid 50s today and it's supposed to be in the 60s tomorrow. Not quite as warm as the upper 70s they're getting in Arizona but it sure feels like it to me. I can't remember the last time I didn't have to wear tights. Speaking of tights however, I am thinking a lot about Doug and Simmons and all the other racers at the Arrowhead 135. It was -28F at the start this morning but the last I heard both those guys were looking good and riding strong. We're rooting for you here in Colorado!

My legs still didn't have that snap yet but I averaged over 17.5mph on my lunch ride despite rocking the 2.25" Schwalbe Nobby Nics. An encouraging sign at least. I haven't been able to do some of my normal training test pieces due to the snow and where I stand speedwise will be somewhat of a mystery for a while longer. Yes I am wearing the same outfit I wore this weekend. Marni is quick with the washing machine and takes good care of my favorite shorts that I won't let die.

Tomorrow the rest of the parts for the Fuel should finally arrive. It's lighter than ever before without giving up any reliablity thanks to the good folks at Thomson and the makers of Durace. Plus there will be some Chris King bling and a lot of maintainence parts like cables, housing, brake pads and a new chain among other things. I'm really looking forward to ripping down some actual trails on it again as it will be my primary bike for Old Pueblo. Well it's time for some more rest and delicious caramel brownies Marni made. Yum!


Marni said...

warmish = wonderful :)

yummm, delicious caramel brownies, exactly the training needed...

Joel White said...

I barely average 17.5 mph on my road bike! Anxious to hear all about OP.