Friday, February 2

Okay really?

We're packed and ready to leave again for warmer training grounds. One minor problem. It snowed again yesterday and it's currently -15 deg F at our house with windchills apparently in the -20 to -30 range. Awesome. I'm going to have to wear vapor barrier booties just to get to work. By some miracle can CDOT get the roads cleaned up enough for us to get past Vail tonight?

I just gotta know, who made a bet with Mother Nature that she couldn't turn the Front Range into Alaska?!?


Bill said...

It's awesome that you have ridden as much as you have through this polar experience

Cellarrat said...

Tanker over turned on i-70 closed past gorgetown for 8 hours...

Just heard it on the radio =(

F*&^%$###$%^^ Cold ride into work this morn!!!