Saturday, July 28

Fail down

There are some days when you can triumph over the weather and other days when you are better off tucking tail and letting the weather kick your ass all the way home. Yesterday was the latter. In an attempt not to end up like this poor fellow I kept a very close eye on the storms as I headed off last night. By the time I crossed hwy 93 I was getting rained on steadily but I was avoiding all instances of natural electrical activity. I made it to Rollinsville in good time but another big black band was queued up in front of me and I had another 3,000 feet in elevation to gain to go over the pass. Not where I really wanted to be in an electrical storm so I called Marni and turned around. All in all it was still a good ride. My rain gear worked great and other than my gloves and leather Sidi's I was only slightly damp and never cold. My gear stayed dry in the new pack and I did have a good climb, knocking out almost 5k feet elevation in 43 miles with my full multi-day setup. My GPS even kept working despite filling with water. Note to self, must bring rubberband and baggie for GPS protection. Rollins Pass isn't going anywhere and all the rain actually made us bump our pre-ride to tomorrow anyway so it all worked out. I'll post the pictures I did get shortly. I'm going to get over that pass this summer!


Marni said...

Thanks for coming home and not turning into a Chris-ca-bob. We love you and like having you around.

Anonymous said...

ha ha

ssportsman said...

Good call at postponing the ride. There are some forces that are just too dangerous to overcome..

But, when you do get to do it, you're going to be stoked. That is an incredible ride. I remember mixed feelings the first time that I bombed down to WP.. A sense of accomplishment at completing such a ride (back then I didn't know a soul that these adventures appealed to), and a sense of disappointment that it was over too soon, and I never really had the opportunity to add on to the ride, or to ride back to Golden afterwards..

WeLLeR said...