Friday, July 20


...that there has been riding. Marni looking color coordinated.Argyle
Backwards hat day. Not my best idea unless I'm trying to look like a bigger dork.
Marni leads the pack off to Matthew Winters.
Scott and the Clark sisters lag behind pumping up some rubber.
Working on some technical skills
I got close but alas no cigar this time.
This one I got first go around.
Scott made a good attempt.
John continues to win the road rash contest.
Truesdale wins the "more crashes than a drunk on a police chase" award. He's given MTBing quite the valiant try for a trackie.
Something old.
Something new. (Hey they work for me so I stocked up. Can't beat $7 a pair)
Neither borrowed nor blue, the perfect pack search must continue.
That's all for now. Marni and I are off to race tomorrow with the rest of my team and the gang.


Marni said...

Yay! Glad to have you back riding and blogging. You were *so* close on that big rock. Good thing cheerleader-Scott was there to catch you. Good luck on your race. You're going to kick some butt!

Jill said...

Holy cow! A pack with a built-in bear-spray holster! I must have one.

Cellarrat said...

Let me know how that pack works i've been eyeing it =)

Scott said...

Holy cow, how many pork rinds do you need?

Chris said...

I'm worried they'll stop making them so I bought 7 pairs. They're cheap so it works out ok.