Saturday, July 21

Step on the box

Another short race for the year. 14 minutes (!?) faster than last year although this time I avoided crashing into a tree and flatting. Still it was only an 83 minute race. At least I feel like I earned 3rd this week, stalking and making the kill well before the line and taking full advantage of my preride. I closed to within 10 seconds of 2nd place but never could quite make the move before a bobble put him out of sight and out of mind. He then put another minute or more on me in the closing miles. I was happy in 3rd anyway. Less chance of falling off the podium and the older age group is quicker. Marni points out I'm the youngest one in the class. I point out that 1st still beat me by 5 minutes. And he crashed into a creek. Downhill was ripping today and quite fun. I am really coming on going down again. Finally. Finally. Sometimes you have to cross the line and then step back a little to find what works. I could verify that comment in a million arenas but today I'll call it tire selection. Schwalbe snakeskin 2.25's with sealant. Worry free, let it fly.Blurry but it was dark and storming outside so I'm not really complaining about being indoors.Lots of smiles. Marni came in 4th today but with a great time of 2:09. She wasn't feeling her best and still rocked it only 11 minutes slower than last week on a course over 4 miles longer and more technical in many places. Bruises are badges of honor. Melissa came in just behind in 5th. Those two girls are also putting up a strong series showing for true beginning racers.Bill also got up on the box today. Again. Way to really really step it up this year man. If you're careful you can end up winning the series crown since you potentially have a big weak score to drop compared to your competitors. Keep training that uphill and work on the descents. The later is probably your biggest time gain per time spent.Okay I'm 6 foot tall basically. But I'm standing next to #2 (Jason) and #3 (Bill) in Clydes this week. Yea. About that.
Big props to the rest of the Feedback crew who podiumed today including Rob S in his new state champ jersey, Lisa winning the pro women and James Mack in sport. Brady was oh so close behind Bill as 4th Clyde and Jason was 4th in Sousa's class I think. Plus everyone else who raced and got sore backs from the rooty, rocky finish. Nice work. Group linner at Hernando's was tasty even if the waitress wasn't the most mathematically inclined or fabricly contained.

Time for ZZZZZZZZZ. Tomorrow I think I have a long date with my road bike but I'm going to get enough sleep first. Plenty of sleep dep this year already. No need to push it more until it counts for something. Huge change from half a year ago, man. Also sent an email off, we'll see what road the response leads me down. I want to step up to the next level so I need to figure out how to do that.


Dave Harris said...

Nice work Chris and Marni! That's some fine work there. You two should start thinking about a mixed team for one of the big stage races :)

Those clydes - especially the giant fella - what do they ride? Must take a doozy of a bike to handle that. I guess bike weight isn't much an issue for him?

Cellarrat said...

Nice work! see you wends?

marni said...

Great job Chris! I love the "fabricly contained" part. I guess I could always become a scantly clad waitress in winter park if the whole teaching thing doesn't work out. :)

Dave Byers said...

Congrats on the 3rd and a great race! Good call on the SnakeSkins too...they are much more confidence inspiring.

bill said...

Fabricly contained; too funny. Yeah, that was quite the experiment in physics.. That was a fun day indeed, a pretty good course. Any trail that climbs Blue Sky for a while is pretty nifty. It is great that you are pursuing the 'next level', be good to hear the progression of that. Awesome that you are putting tons o miles in again, and digging it.