Monday, July 2


Marni was busy today working on our house and when I got home she had a little surprise for me.Ta da! A new tool tray for my bike stand which I promptly decorated with some fun stickers.
She also got most of the outdoor gear organized in the office closet since I couldn't leave it laying all over our upstairs bedroom forever. This is what happens when you have too many fun puffy items. They fill a whole closet!
Small gear goes down here. Stoves, food, water purification, maps, and other assorted fun toys.
Hmmm. A lot of time was spent today with TopoFusion and Excel. More to come tomorrow.
Another little project moves forward bit by bit...
Some good riding coming on the 4th and this weekend. I'm resisting the urge to ride myself into the ground everyday, especially since I've been feeling really good lately. I may have time for that soon enough.


Marni said...

Glad you like your new tool tray! Surprise!

Simmons said...

Great idea with the drawer organizer. I'm gonna have to get one of those.

Stefan said...

Yeah, dude. Rest up, the CTR's gonna be a doozy! :-)

Dave said...

You tease....!