Thursday, July 26

Little known facts

You can put way more Perpetuem into a 1L Platypus than either Marni or I would have guessed and there is still room for more. Experiments continue. Looks like the S-Lab pack may get a test tomorrow night. It's overweight by the way, at 15.4oz, but still not a bad weight for what it is. Plus there is room for modifications but not until I test it first. I'm not going to start hacking up a $125 pack right off the bat. Yes Jill the pockets seem to be useable for bear spray if one so desires.I'm staying out of the current discussions as an attempt not to argue over the internet. Right now I'm in the mood to do what strikes me and maybe talk about it later. Reading about these badasses was certainly motivation of the day.


Cellarrat said...

thats alot of calories!

Dave Harris said...

Yea you can get a million perp calories in there...but the trick is eating it before it turns to a putrid alcoholic mix. Might work in looking at snow biking already?

Chris said...

Don't worry it's all still very dry. Until it gets wet it seems to stay fine, I've already tested with the 2+L size. Doesn't have to be perp either but any powdered food.

I am looking at snow biking but I guess already isn't the right word. I'm thinking about one more big mainstream event this year before I get the Pugsley into regular service and racked up with the big sleeping bag. You know I've got a little revenge to get with a certain racing format. ;)

UltraRob said...

Adding water to Perpetuem powder actually seems to make it smaller. Even when it's warm Perpetuem will last all day mixed although the protein will start break down some. Sustained Energy on the other hand can go bad in a couple hours in the heat.

I toy with snow biking every once in a while. I'm generally burned out by winter and then need to start building a base. I haven't gotten fit and haven't raced this year so maybe this winter will be a good time to do some playing in the snow.

Chris said...


Funny how that works isn't it! I'm always amazed how much perp disappears in water. However the Platys are for dry storage and used to mix up a 1 - 3 hour bottle at a time. Think "maildrop" or "compact multiday non-melting food source".

If you want to go snowbiking this winter let me know. I've got lots of snowmobile trail exploring to do once it gets colder. I got my clothes and gear mostly dialed last winter so now it's time to give it a tougher test. I'm also planning a snow covered White Rim expedition if the stars align.

UltraRob said...

I've never really tried setting my bike up for snowbiking. I'm not sure how wide of tires I can get on it. First I need to get some fitness so you don't have to pull me with a tow rope. I got an easy 100 miles in on the road today. I was still feeling good toward the end but I was slow. If I can just do better at getting out 3-4 times a week my fitness will start coming around. I've been putting off my garage construction but I have to get more done in the next month so I can get an inspection or I'll have to pay to extend my permit.