Wednesday, July 25

Just in case

Just a shorty 'cause I'm sleepy. I had to go back to work after the following ride and didn't get to bed until after1am.

Yesterday afternoon was supposed to be a team ride but everyone was noncommittal so I headed to the Cone parking lot solo and called Bill on the way. He was on his way to yoga but ditched and came with me instead for a 2 lap affair from Mayhem Gulch (now come on, that is a sweet name for a trail). We made as much use of daylight as we could although we were questioned/interrogated by a ranger for having lights. Funny thing was this was at ~5pm and Bill and I always have the PT EOS's on our helmets. Ummm yes we know the rules. No we don't really need a pamphlet. Not to mention, the park doesn't even close until 1 hour after sunset so technically lights are a good thing no? Plus you never know when you'll have a mechanical issue... Lap two above the valley...
Pretty sunset and clouds. Lightning was on surrounding ridges but it was pretty far away. Not a drop of rain where we were.
Oh yea, that mechanical we were talking about that could happen. What do you know? Broken seat rail at the end of lap 2. Fixable easily but it took a few minutes of tool wrestling. Guess Bill gets another free seat from Performance.
On the way down we found this little guy. He was small but it was the first rattler of any size I've seen all year. He was motionless though as it was getting chilly. I know how it feels to wait for the sunrise though little buddy.

More riding tonight I think. Hoping for good weather!

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cool snake!