Monday, February 11


Yesterday I wanted to get a nice long ride in and try to find some dirt but it took me a while to get out the door. Had a nice long sleep in morning after getting home at midnight from the race. Ate some Bisquick-its before Marni rushed out the door to meet her girlfriends for food and a movie. I was in no hurry to do anything so I took Turbo for a walk and then read some blogs and commented on Doug's most excellent Arrowhead 135 write up. Finally the sun came out so I grabbed my clothes and a couple bottles and headed out the door.

Warm temperatures, blue skies, a pretty view of the big mountains that were hiding all week and random bits of good dirt in between plenty of road and bike path connectors. The winds were light, at least compared to this past week, and as I rode around the Boulder reservior I got a tailwind all the way home.Random...It wasn't epic or extreme but it was a really nice, fun day on the singlespeed. 66 miles, 14.2mph average and 4.5k vertical. Capping off another week of almost 3 bills, today is a well earned rest day.

P.S. Happy Birthday Mom!

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