Saturday, February 16

Saturday Stroll

Woke up early but it was too cold so I walked Turbo and ate some breakfast while the sun came up. Rode to Carter Lake and back. Didn't take the camera so this is all you get for visual stimulation. Only 6k climbing which is pretty flat for the Front Range and I guess that explains why it only took a bit over 6 hours. Fastest 100+ ride of the year so far. I got home just as the storm was blowing in and I'm glad I got my long ride in today. Tomorrow looks to be colder and wetter.

Now I'm at work changing over some models but I'm out of here in a few minutes to head back home for some R&R this evening and the Salvagetti breakfast ride in the AM. Wonder if we're going to Snooze? It costs a lot for breakfast but it's sooo tasty.

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Ed said...

Very nice ride. That's a heck of a ss pace.