Sunday, February 17

Small project

A day without a big ride planned means some rare weekend free time. Marni and I braved the snow and still hit the breakfast ride but no pictures yet. I left my camera in the E and Marni took it up to Boulder for her girl's night events. Earlier we made a quick stop at REI (I grabbed some YakTrax), bummed around the Patagonia sale (nothing for me, pants for wifey) and headed up to Boulder to try and get Marni some down mitts (they ordered them in for us). Once I got home I decided it was time to get around to hanging my Christmas present from my sister. Some funny stud finding efforts and a pair of extra hands from Marni and I got it mounted solidly.
Yay new hangboard! It's been a long time since I've done serious climbing of any sort but I used to enjoy it and I still have all my old gear so I figured I could work on some arm, hand and finger strength at home. I am seriously weak. Hopefully it will get me motivated to hang the drywall in the garage and then frame up the bigger climbing wall that I've been collecting holds for.
Now it's only 5 o'clock, what to do next...

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