Wednesday, February 27

Tagged for the Feb 10

Marni's cousin Becky tagged me to list 10 things that I like about February so following her, Ceci, and Dave, I'll play along. I don't think it will be hard for me to find 10 things but here it goes in random order.

1) Buying your wife flowers not on Valentines Day
2) Walking your pup through the snow until he's tired
3) Reading great new books you got for your birthday
4) Climbing mountains in the snow
5) Eating girl scout cookies
6) Revisiting old hobbies
7) Racing bikes in the snow with some of the greatest friends in the world
8) Winning a race and getting to eat cake
9) Riding your bike on a beautiful day
10) Riding at night with your teammates

Yep, I'd have to say I'm one lucky guy. February is a great month. Marshal, Dave, Scott, Dave and Jeny I tag you if you read this sort of thing.


Dave Roberts said...

No fair. You live in Colorado! If we had mountains I would do those things too. I guess I could ride my bike in the snow, but I get cold.

Nice list. You even included pictures.

Marni said...

Serious A+ on the list! I like the pictures. Awwww, tired puppy is ridiculously cute. I like when you buy me flowers and show up with them on your bicycle too :D

Anonymous said...

tag, your it

love the puppy

KanyonKris said...

I've read 4 of those books - good stuff. Into Thin Air is an amazing story excellently written. The Shackleton story is amazing. Just finished Armstrong's War - I loved the details of a pro cyclists life. I knew I'd be shocked by Ralston's amputation story, but what blew me away was his many close-calls in the CO mountains - the dude is addicted to risk. Enjoy the reading!